AXP340 configuration when an ADS-B reciever is installed

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            *****For Approved Data Please Refer to The Associated Installation Manual; Pilot Guide or Flight Manual Supplement*****

            The AXP340 provides ADS-B out when connected to an approved GPS source.

            The ADS-B stream provides own aircraft location information to the ADS-B Ground Station.

            The ADS-B Ground Station also needs to know if there is an ADS-B receiver installed.

            There are two types of ADS-B receivers available.

            Type 1 = 978MHz also called a UAT Receiver. This is the one that can also receive "ADS-B Weather." The Ground Stations only provide FIS-B Weather on this frequency

            Type 2 = 1090MHz These receivers will not provide FIS-B weather.

            The AXP340 has configuration settings for UAT receiver, or 1090Mhz receiver installed.

            This is what tells the ground station what frequency to send it's repeated traffic/weather information out on.

            If these settings are left to their default value of "Not Installed" the ground station will not re-broadcast for these aircraft.

            Updated: 19 Nov 2015 08:28 AM
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