EX500/EX600/EX5000 CMAX Key Code Generator

            Below you will find an attachment called AviKeyGenerator.exe

            You will want to download this attachment to your computer.  Once you open the .exe file and run it, you will see a line for your JeppView serial number.  

            Enter this number that can be found inside your JDM program as it pertains to your chart subscription.  All letters will be capitalized. DO NOT enter the dashes.

            In the block for the MFD serial number, this will be the serial number you can find on the "Aux" page on the MFD.  The serial number entered must be 8 digits, even if your serial number is not.  Your serial number should be preceded by zeros to make up the rest of the eight digits.  See Example below:

            MFD Aux page shows S/N: D1234 - Enter this into the generator as 000D1234

            If dashes are incorrectly entered in the Jeppview space, this key code will not work.

            If the MFD serial number does not match the serial number shown on the "Aux" page of the MFD, this key code will not work.

            If 8 digits are not entered for the serial number, this key code will not work.  

            Once the JeppView serial number has been entered, and the MFD serial number has been entered as an 8 digit serial number, proceed by pressing "Generate Key".  This will produce your CMAX key code.  Leaving the Generator open, open your Jeppesen Distribution Manager program (The program you use to download the data).  

            Once logged into the JDM, locate your database labeled "Avidyne EX5000, EX600, EX500 - Electronic Charts" 
            Just to the right of the word "Charts" you will see the letter i inside a circle indicating "info".

            Click on the circle, which will open the "Electronic Charts Service Details" where you will find a section titled "Set Avidyne CMax Key Code..." This will be directly under the section containing your JeppView Serial number.  Select the link to "Set Avidyne CMax Key Code..."

            Then, go back to the Generator and COPY and PASTE the generated key code into space provided in the JDM window.  Some of these digits are nearly impossible to decipher between (example 1 vs l) so COPY and PASTE will ensure it is correct.  If this number is not copied correctly, this key code will not work.
            Also, make sure there is not a blank space at the beginning of the key code.  If your key code contains a #, make sure that it is included as that is part of the code.

            Click "OK" in the JDM program, and proceed to download your chart database.  When downloading to a USB thumb drive, ensure the drive is blank (nothing else on the drive), 2GB or smaller, and formatted to FAT or FAT16 (for EX500, EX600, and EX5000 Only). For USB size and formatting requirements for any other Avidyne unit, see the tutorial that pertains to that unit.
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            Updated: 13 May 2016 05:25 AM
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