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            EX5000 MFD Software 8.2 FAQ's

            For Entegra EX5000-equipped aircraft: (including Cirrus, Piper , Columbia, and Alliant aircraft)
            •For ADS-B OUT
            -Avidyne offers IFD4XX/IFD5XX FMS/GPS navigators as an approved GPS position source
            -AXP340 Panel-mounted or AXP322 Remote-mounted Mode S Transponder

            •For ADS-B IN
            -EX5000 MFD customers can now upgrade to R8.2 MFD software
            -R8.2 adds display capability of FIS-B Weather using Capstone-standard ADS-B IN protocol and ADS-B/ADS-R/TIS-B Traffic using ARINC735 protocol.
            -Avidyne offers SkyTrax100 Series ADS-B IN Receiver
            -R8.2 also adds compatibility with 3rd-party systems including Lynx NGT-9000, FreeFlight RANGR-RX, or other Capstone/735-compatible ADS-B IN receivers.

            Q: What's Included in R8.2?
            •Adds support for Avidyne ADS-B IN weather products on EX5000 Series MFDs
            -Supported ADS-B/Wx products include NEXRAD, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, winds and temps aloft, METARs, and TAFs, plus TFRs
            •Allows EX5000 MFD to display ADS-B Traffic when wired to a compatible ADS-B receiver that provides traffic via ARINC 429 /735 protocol
            -MFD will display legacy TAS symbols, not ADS-B directional traffic
            •For Cirrus Tornado Alley Turbo owners, R8.2 also provides support for fuel flow up to 40 gph for the fuel totalizer
            •R8.2 is specifically for the support of ADS-B and is not required or recommended for any other reason.

            Q: What's removed in R8.2?
            •R8.2 removes support for Sirius weather from the MLB700
            •R8.2 removes support for Iridium-based satellite weather from the MLX770
            •If you are currently using either of these systems and want to continue to do so, do not upgrade to R8.2 as you will not be able to go back.
            (Note: support for XMD-076/A is NOT removed)

            Q: Can I use a 3rd Party ADS-B Receiver (L3 NGT9000 Lynx, etc) with R8.2?
            •A: Yes. In addition to adding compatibility with the Avidyne SkyTrax 100 Series ADS-B receiver, R8.2 will allow your EX5000 MFD to display the same weather products from a  Lynx NGT-9000, Free Flight RANGR-RX, or other Capstone-compatible ADS-B IN Receivers.

            Q: I currently have a TAS6XX series traffic system, can I still use my TAS AND get ADS-B In traffic?
            •A: Yes! Avidyne’s new SkyTrax600 (aka TAS-A Release 2) allows TAS6XX series customers to upgrade to SkyTrax600 capability which blends Active-surveillance (TAS) traffic combined with passive (ADS-B IN) traffic for display on your EX-series MFD

            Q: I currently have a SkyWatch TAS, can I still use the TAS AND get ADS-B In traffic?
            •A: Customers will need to choose between SkyWatch TAS and ADS-B traffic on the MFD in Maintenance Mode. This is not selectable by the pilot. Some customers are displaying ADS-B Traffic on their GPS display and keeping their SkyWatch displayed on the MFD (or vice versa). For now Avidyne recommends keeping your SkyWatch TAS for traffic as most aircraft are not ADS-B out equipped yet. There are some ADS-B IN/OUT transponders that accept Skywatch/TAS input and blend it with ADS-B traffic on the ARINC 429 output, in which case the EX MFD would display both.

            Q: I currently have an XMD-076 XM receiver in my airplane. Do I need to remove it to get ADS-B weather?
            •A: During configuration, you have to select one datalink weather source to the EX500/EX600 MFD from the XM receiver or from the ADS-B IN Receiver, but you cannot have both. Some customers want to remove the XM and get rid of the subscription fee associated with that service, while some other customers are choosing to leave the satellite-based XM connected to their EX-series MFD and displaying ADS-B weather on their Avidyne IFD4XX/5XX GPS Navigator display (or elsewhere). It really all depends on pilot preference.

            Q: I lost my Sirius weather when it was terminated by WSI/Sirius XM, do you offer a satellite-based weather solution?
            •A: No, we currently do not have a replacement for the MLB700. With the proliferation of ADS-B in the market, we have not made any specific plans to develop a replacement for the MLB700 at this time. If you prefer a satellite-based weather solution we recommend a portable receiver and an iPad as a solution. Currently, the SiriusXM SXAR1 is available from Sporty's for $399 after rebate.

            Q: Will Avidyne feature a promotional pricing with the launch of R8.2?
            •A: Yes. We are currently running a promo for customers who purchase an IFD550 with a Lynx NGT-9000 from Avidyne, we will also include the R8.2 software upgrade for free for EX5000 MFD customers.

            Q: Do I need to send any hardware in to Avidyne?
            •A: All EX5000 MFDs can be updated to Release 8.2 via field-loadable software on Compact Flash (CF) by an authorized Avidyne dealer. The dealer will need to use the Save & Restore utility to ensure proper MFD configuration. Refer to Service Bulletin #601-00004-107.

            Q: How much does R8.2 cost?
            •A: R8.2 software is $999 MSRP. Dealers typically charge extra for labor for the time it takes to complete the update. R8.2 upgrade is not covered under warranty.

            Updated: 05 Feb 2019 05:00 PM
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