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            Fore Flight and the IFD 100 Common questions

            Sometimes we get questions from pilots asking about connecting Fore Flight to the panel mount IFD, or about the IFD100. Here are some of the general questions related to this:

            1) Q: Can I run the IFD100 iPad app at the same time as Fore Flight?

            A: No, not really. The iPad only has 1 port to talk with the panel via WIFI. Both apps can't talk at the same time to the panel. This is why many pilots have 2 iPads in the cockpit; 1 is running the IFD100 and the other is running Fore Flight. 

            2) Q: Why can't I upload my flight plan from the IFD100 to the panel?
            A: This is because the navigation database in the panel is not matched the database on the iPad. Have the pilot perform an update to one or both devices so they are on the same nav database.

            3) Q: How do I upload a flight plan from Fore Flight to the IFD panel mount?
            A: Once Fore Flight is connected to the panel via WIFI, on the "MAPS" screen, along the top, to the right of the "FPL" tab, are several tabs with circles. The last one right should be the tab to allow flight plan UPLOAD or DOWNLOAD to/from the IFD panel mount.

            4) Q: How do I get weather/traffic on my iPad using Fore Flight?
            A: Buy a portable Skytrax unit or the Sentinel unit which works specifically with Fore Flight. Technically, you can't get weather from the IFD to the iPad using just the panel. (This answer may require further explanation, but I got this info from Gary Reeves. When in doubt, send to Gary for further info)

            5) Q: Can I switch radio/nav frequencies on the iPad?
            A: No. You can enter a freq in the standby box, and it WILL display on the panel, but you still have to manually reach up and use the flip/flop switch to enter it into the active box.

            6) Can I change Transponder freqs on the ipad?
            A: Again, no. You can only change Transponder (when using a remote transponder) codes on the panel mount IFD.
            Updated: 01 Mar 2019 04:48 AM
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