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            GPS week roll over add-on WIFI bug SW version

            Pilot says WIFI and Bluetooth which previously worked, now requires a hot reboot after GPS lock using SW version

            1. Turn off Wifi on IFD100 ipad
            2. Boot IFD normally until GPS locks
            3. Select Aux tab
            4. Do a download logs select to force switch  into Maintain mode.
            5. Select a few tabs
            6. Exit Config mode to reboot.
            7. Once unit reboots and locks,  use Bluetooth keyboard to verify fast data input
            8. Enable Wifi on IFD100  / select LIO Wifi  /   look for Wifi symbol on IFD to turn green
            9. Launch IFD100 app.

            This was his recipe to get it to work.
            Updated: 19 Feb 2019 05:04 AM
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