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            IFD GPS Date Rollover Software Update FAQ's

            All Avidyne IFDs will require a MANDATORY update to address the GPS week rollover that takes place on April 6, 2019. This update is necessary to maintain proper display of ADS-B and SXM weather as well as other date related functions including proper display of database currency. No GPS/NAV/COM functions are affected. 10.2.x.0.A for 10.2.x.0 is available now to address this issue and, when released, will also incorporate this update.

            Here are your options for updating the software to address the GPS rollover issue:

            1. Update the IFD with when it is released to get the enhancements plus address the GPS rollover date issue.

            2. Update the 10.2.x.0 software with 10.2.x.0.A patch to address the GPS rollover date issue only.

            3 Update the 10.1.x.0 software with to address the GPS rollover date issue and bring the IFD to the latest software rev.

            FAQs for Software 10.2.x.0.A:

            1. What happens to my IFD if I do not update it to address the GPS rollover issue? On April 6th at midnight GMT the system will report the date as being approximately 19 years in the past. Even if you are using a current navigation database, the system will show that the database is not yet valid. If you are using SXM or ADS-B weather, you will lose access to some of your Datalink weather products. NAV/COM functions are not affected.

            2. If I am not at 10.2.x.0 what do I need to do to apply the patch to address the GPS rollover issue? You may elect to update your unit to which must be done by a dealer or you can wait until the release is available and update it at that time.

            3. Does an Avidyne authorized dealer have to do the 10.2.x.0.A update? No, anyone who can sign off on a log book entry can provide the 10.2.x.0.A update if your software is at 10.2.x.0. It should take less than 30 minutes to complete the update.

            4. Does the GPS rollover issue affect my EX5000, EX500 or EX600? No. However, if those products are interfaced to IFDs or other GPSs that are affected by the date rollover issue then the GPSs must be updated in order to maintain correct date-related functionality on the MFDs.

            5. On what date will shipments of new IFDs from Avidyne include the GPS update to address the rollover issue? Any new IFD shipped from Avidyne after Feb. 11, 2019 will not require a software update in order to address the GPS rollover issue.

            6. How do I get the 10.2.x.0.A software update? You may request the software update at the link that follows:.

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