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            IFD-540/440 interface to FreeFlight FDL-978 "Ranger"

            IFD-5xx/4xx <--> FDL-978

            FDL-978 Configurations begin with section 3.5.x.x.x Pg 3-20

                        Serial GPS IN: RS-232 RX 1 Pin 4….
                        Sec "set serial in" Command Pg 3-29
                              <port> Port 1,
                              <func> GPS-ADSBPlus,
                              <baud> 9600

                        Serial Display OUT: RS-232 TX 2 Pin 33..
                        Sec "set serial out" command Pg 3-30
                              <port> Port 2
                              <func> Traffic Alert
                              <baud> 115200

                        Sec "set displayout" Pg 3-38
                              <opt> traffic&fisb

            IFD-5xx/4xx Configurations should be set per the attached .bmp

                        Serial GPS OUT: RS-232 TX 1 Pin 56..
                              "ADS-B+(G)" (9600)

                        Serial Display IN: RS-232 RX 4 IN, Pin 55..
                              "CAPSTONE HS TRAFFIC & WX” (115200)


            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 08:35 AM
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