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            Release 9 to TAS-A interface with release 9.4

            Config Tool Selection for TAS-A
            R9 IFD Control and Display Wiring to TAS-A:

            • TAS-A RS422 - In: J121-24 (Port4 of 0-5, actually the 3rd RS422 port if you're separating the 4 RS422 ports from the 2 RS232 ports 0-1)
            • TAS-A RS422 - Out: J121-66 (Port4 of 0-5)
            R9 IFD GPS output to TAS-A:

            TAS-A A429 - Out: J121-15,36 (Port4 - Arinc743 labels - the wiring also goes to TWX although the TWX ignores with A743 labels with no ill effects)

            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 05:47 AM
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