Trouble Creating MyAvidyne Account

            If you received an error while trying to create a My Avidyne account, here are a few things to try.

            #1 - We have seen some instances where the site will errantly trigger a failure to register, when it actually took just fine.  In most cases you can simply close your browser, and go back to the My Avidyne site and login with the username and password you previously used in creating the original form.

            #2 - Even if the account was created correctly, sometimes we see errors in registering the individual equipment to the account.  This can be caused by several things:
                  #2.a - The equipment serial number was entered incorrectly
                  #2.b - The equipment is currently registered to the previous owner (if aircraft was recently purchased)
                  #2.c - The equipment is currently registered to the shop who installed it (if newly installed equipment)

            If none of the above steps work, please submit a trouble ticket by selecting the "Submit a Ticket" tab above.
            Please include the username you were attempting to use when registering your aircraft in the block provided.
            Updated: 26 Apr 2016 11:59 AM
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