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IFD-540/440 interface to FreeFlight FDL-978 "Ranger"

IFD-5xx/4xx <--> FDL-978

The Following Interface Information is "FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY" and is not FAA Approved Data.  Please see the applicable STC Installation manuals, or other Approved documentation for installation approval.

FDL-978 Configurations begin with section 3.5.x.x.x Pg 3-20

            Serial GPS IN: RS-232 RX 1 Pin 4….

            Sec "set serial in" Command Pg 3-29

                  <port> Port 1,

                  <func> GPS-ADSBPlus,

                  <baud> 9600

            Serial Display OUT: RS-232 TX 2 Pin 33..

            Sec "set serial out" command Pg 3-30

                  <port> Port 2

                  <func> Traffic Alert

                  <baud> 115200

            Sec "set displayout" Pg 3-38

                  <opt> traffic&fisb

IFD-5xx/4xx Configurations should be set per the attached .bmp

            Serial GPS OUT: RS-232 TX 1 Pin 56..

                  "ADS-B+(G)" (9600)

            Serial Display IN: RS-232 RX 4 IN, Pin 55..

                  "CAPSTONE HS TRAFFIC & WX” (115200)


The example below shows the IFD5XX/4XX Series Main RS232 Configurations set for interface with an FDL-978RX. 

In this example, the RS232 Channels have been configured to match the above referenced schematic. This is for illustration purposes only, assign these protocols to the applicable RS232 I/O based on your installation. 

Avoid utilizing Channel 3 as this is the only channel capable of programming our Crossync Protocol for dual IFD Installation. 

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