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Save And Restore Utility 8.1.1

This Service Bulletin provides the procedure for saving and restoring MFD configuration settings such as sensor type and port selection, aircraft model and engine sensor port selection, fuel calibration, etc.

This procedure is to be used in conjunction with the instructions for the removal and replacement of the MFD. It makes use of a Configuration Save and Restore (CSR) utility that is run from the MFD USB data port. The save portion of the procedure should be run on the MFD hardware to be replaced. The restore portion of the procedure is to be run on the newly installed MFD.

This Service Bulletin is only to be used when replacing a MFD with the software listed in the table at the appropriate software version. 

Configuration data saved from a Rev 00 system from the above table can be restored to a Rev 00 or Rev 01 system, but data saved from a Rev 01 system can only be restored to a Rev 01 system.

If the save is attempted with an MFD with incompatible software, the CSR utility will give an error message. Likewise, if a restore is attempted on an MFD with incompatible software or with software that isn’t the same as used during the save operation (subject to the Rev restrictions given above), the CSR utility will give an error message. If the MFD to be replaced has software that is incompatible with the CSR utility, the MFD software will need to be upgraded before doing the save and restore. Contact Avidyne for the applicable software upgrade kit.