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IFD5xx/4xx Capstone protocols

The IFD is compatible with "Capstone" compliant protocols for display of ADS-B traffic and weather.  Below are the configuration settings to use, based on the baud rate of the RS-232/RS-422 output of the ADS-B receiver.

Either baud rate listed below can be used for Capstone Traffic (For traffic only); Capstone Weather ( For FIS-B Weather only); or both Traffic and Weather can be received via the same RS232 input.

NOTE: "Capstone" settings are available in IFD software version 10.2.0 or later; "Capstone HS" settings are available in IFD software version 10.2.1 or later.

Capstone Trfc & Wx:  Baud rate 38,400

Capstone HS Trfc & Wx:  Baud Rate 115,200 

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  • 06-Feb-2019