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MFD 8.2 - ADSB

Updating the MFD for ADSB support - frequently sought after details

Details provided below are subject to change, please check back before starting any installation to verify you are using the latest versions (software and documents)
Below are locations on site (only authorized personnel with dealer login's can access this site) that will assist you in finding information for ADSB support for the MFD:

- Login to 
- Click on the Documentation Tab
- The Dealer 2020 Price List is in the left column; 
   - Open the 2020 Price List and go-to page 4
   - Find the aircraft type in the Software Upgrade section for 8.2
   - Purchase the software on the PO Form from the dealers website
       - you will receive a 2GB Compact Flash card with 8.2 install, this software will need to be configured (see **NOTE** below and review the service bulletin that comes with the software)

- On the Documents Tab on 
- Click on the EX5000 R.8.2 link at the bottom of the left column; 
   - Open and review 601-00004-107 EX5000 Upgrade To Software Release 8.2.pdf
   - **NOTE**: 570-00147-000 - this is needed when you receive the 8.2 2GB Compact Flash card from Sales - Follow Service Bulletin that comes with 8.2 software
   - OEM Setup and Save and Restore utility are located in the attachments 

- On the Documents Tab on 
- Under Technical Downloads
- Click on EX5000
   - Scroll down to Entegra and Envision Release 8.2 (Install Manual)  
     - Open and review the Install Manual for the ADSB solution being added to the AC

NOTE: When unzipping  the OEM setup (570-00147-000), do not transfer the .txt file to the USB, only download the AviUtility.exe

created 9/11/2019