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MFD XM Weather

XM Weather basic troubleshooting:

1) check the date and time on the MFD to ensure the time is within 3-4 minutes of UTC.

 - Use the Display Time button on the AUX page to set the time. Aircraft needs to be outside and away from obstacles that will prevent the GPS signal from being received.

 - Change to Manual, set the time, power cycle the MFD

- Go back to the Display time on the AUX page, change from Manual to GPS (or Auto)

- Check the Signal Quality and Service Level from the Trips page

2) make sure the aircraft has an active subscription with XM

3) if the service level and the signal quality are both set to none, have your shop check your antenna.

Sirius/XM has change the subscription plans, if your Service Level is set to Activation, you need to contact XM Link below:

Sirius XM  /  855-796-9847

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  • 28-Apr-2022