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Error Detected "Data Load Not Authorized

If you encounter the following error during a Jeppesen Database update please review the information below.

Error Detected "Data Load Not Authorized"

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The navigation, obstacle, and charts databases are downloaded from Jeppesen, using the Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM), to a USB stick.  Once downloaded onto the USB stick, the database cannot be copied to another USB stick to be loaded into an IFD.  If an attempt is made to load a database from a second USB, the IFD will halt the loading process and display Error detected “Data load not authorized”.  If you encounter such a message, find the USB stick onto which the database was originally downloaded and then re-attempt the load.

Each dataset in a Jeppesen subscription has an associated number of “Transfers remaining”, known as the “count”, shown in JDM.  The count represents the number of times that a particular dataset can be downloaded and each time the dataset is programmed to a USB stick, the count is decremented.  For a typical single, owner-operated aircraft, the count is set to 1, meaning that you can only download the data to a single USB stick.  Copying the downloaded files to another USB stick as a preventative measure “just in case the first one gets corrupted”, is not possible.

It is unlikely that a database downloaded onto a USB stick is corrupted.  However, if the database downloaded to the USB will not load and you feel that the original USB stick has somehow been corrupted, you can contact Jeppesen and request that they reset the count for that dataset. Once reset, you can use JDM to download the data again onto a different USB stick.

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  • 17-Sep-2020