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Entegra MFD Charts Tab (dealers)

Pilot may complain they have a message on the MFD that states:

Charts (C) Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc: Update Required: January 15, 2020 (see photo).

This is a new message now that January 15, 2020 has passed. It occurs when no charts have been added, and the MFD is programmed for CMAX.

This message is only addressing the MFD when charts have never been installed, and the pilot is using a different source (paper, or other device).

It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure they are in compliance with their country rules regarding charts in the aircraft. 

If charts are not used on the MFD, the message (see photo) and the Charts tab can easily be removed by programming the MFD with Avidyne's Factory Chooser (also known as OEM Setup). Keep in mind there is a difference between 8.1.1, and  8.2.2; these are not interchangeable. 

Power on the avionics, and record the part number of the software installed. Contact Avidyne techsupport: [email protected] or call.

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  • 07-Feb-2020