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Avidyne Alternate RMA Form

It has been brought to Avidyne's attention that the online RMA form for our dealers is currently unavailable. Our IT team is currently working on getting our online RMA submission form back online. Until this is corrected, we are asking our Dealers to download the RMA submission form from this web page under "Attachments" on the far right of your screen. The form will download as a word document which can be filled out on a computer. Once the form is completed, please attach it to an email and send to Avidyne Tech Support. There is no delay in processing your RMA and the process of returning the unit(s) has not changed.

**Please do not send units before you have received your RMA number from Avidyne**

PROCESSING TIMES (After defective core is received)

Repair and Return: 10-15 Business days 

Standard Exchange: 3-5 Business days

  **All Exchange unit's are refurbished like new**

Advanced Exchange: Exchange unit is shipped overnight

**Option not available for Cash in Advance Dealers**

  **Additional $400 USD Shipping cost applies (Non-Refundable)**

  **Option not available for Entegra PFD/MFD**

International customers must include shipping information on their RMA. Avidyne does not cover shipping, customs, or duty fees for international customers.

As always, please be as descriptive as possible when relaying the reason for service on the RMA. If you have worked with tech support and have a ticket number, please include the ticket number in the reason for service. Listed below are helpful contacts for addressing warranty issues:

My Avidyne Registration

Warranty Calculator

Warranty Coordinator

Paul Nelson

[email protected]

[email protected]

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  • 31-Mar-2021