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Entegra MFD Map Conversion utility for ROW

The utility to convert the base map on the MFD from America to Rest of World (ROW), or ROW to America is provided by request only. Avionics shops will need to email request for this utility. 

This is for the Entegra EX5000 series only:

Aircraft that are US Based, that are flown outside of the America's will require this software conversion to allow for the appropriate Maps to be displayed. The same is true for any plane that is based outside of the America's, that is transitioning to the America's. 

When selecting Int'l (International), you are removing the America's programming and replacing it with the rest-of-world (ROW). This is the top right button R1. 

When Selecting Amer (America's), this is for the America's programing; R2 button. 

Entegra EX500, EX600, etc. Contact Duncan Aviation for support. 800-562-6377 (US) or 402-475-2611 (international)

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  • 14-Jun-2021