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IFD5xx/4xx interfaced to a GTX330ES and a GDL88

The Following Interface Information is "FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY" and is not FAA Approved Data.  Please see the applicable STC Installation manuals, or other Approved documentation for installation approval.

Prior to software version

This interface will only work with dual IFD's.  

The GTX330ES will only accept the ADS-B+(G) format from the IFD for ADS-B out compliance.

The IFD can use the GDL88 for ADS-B in (weather and traffic) but is not approved for ADS-B out compliance.

The GDL88 will only accept the ADS-B+(G2) format from the IFD in order to display traffic and weather on the IFD.  

A single IFD cannot provide both outputs until software version is installed.

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  • 29-May-2019