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Skytrax 100B and SkyTrax 200 Device Drivers

Issues related to the inability to download or open the attached device drivers, executable programs, or zip folders, must be addressed by the shops IT Team. Avidyne does not troubleshoot the shops restrictions place by your IT team when downloading, importing executable programs, or zip folders needed to communicate with our products.

The attached driver programs may be required in order for your computer to recognize the Com/USB port connected to the Skytrax 100B.  The attached drivers are for Windows based machines only.

There are 2 attached files.  

If you are currently running a version of Windows LATER than Vista, download the file titled  Once downloaded, right click and select "Extract All."  Inside the "extracted" folder you will find a file named CDM21226_Setup.exe.  Run this file to update your USB driver for ST100B compatibility. (You may need administrator rights on the PC to download or run).

If you are running Windows XP or Windows Vista, download and run the file named CDM20824_Setup.exe. (You may need administrator rights on the PC in order to download or run).

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  • 30-Dec-2021