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Entegra RMA FAQs

Below are some sample questions dealer's ask during the RMA process. Come back frequently to see new entries: 

1)     s/n# 20012147 is out of warranty unit or not? 
Avidyne requires the tail number the unit was installed in. The pilot/owner can purchase an extended warranty through Paul Nelson ([email protected], [email protected], 321-751-8459 (US))

2)     What is the turn-around-time (tat) to repair the unit? 
Once the repair is paid for, all documents are received (including the online RMA request), 
The repair and return time is 8-business days (not including shipping)
Expedited Repair and Return is 6-business days (not including shipping)
Exchange is 1-business day after the unit arrives, and verification of a unit is available in the exchange pool
Advanced Exchange is 1-business day after all paperwork is completed, payment is received, and verification of a unit is available in the exchange pool

2a)  What options are available for repairing the Entegra's?
Avidyne provides 4 options Repair and Return, Expedited Repair and Return, Exchange, and Advanced Exchange.
Cash-in-advance accounts are limited to the following: Repair and Return, Expedited Repair and Return, and Exchange. 
Expedited Repair and Return, Exchange, and Advanced Exchange have non-refundable fee's

3)     If we confirm to repair the unit, do we still require to fill in the RMA# form? As you received this item from us already. Or, we just issue an official repair order instead? 
Avidyne requires the RMA Request form to be filled-out and submitted for all units. 
No unit should be sent to Avidyne or the Repair station before submitting the proper paperwork, and being issued the RMA number and shipping address

4)     The repair cost you mentioned is maximum repair cost? Or, you will add the extra repair cost after inspection of the unit?
The cost provided will be quoted on your official Avidyne request for a Purchase Order (PO)
If our Repair station findings show abuse, or neglect, or tampered seals, Avidyne will contact the dealer/Shop for a revised PO; Disclosing the issue(s). Additional fees; Exchange, Advanced Exchange, Expediting, MODs are provided upon request.
If our Repair station cannot duplicate the reason for service, there is an additional fee for No Fault Found (NFF).

5)     Do you provide an inspection report before you start to repair the unit? In case the unit is BER, do you charge any inspection fee of the unit?
Avidyne provides an itemized list of charges before the unit is assessed. 

6)     How long of the warranty for the exchange order and repair order? 
Avidyne offers the AeroPlan extended warranty for the Entegra units; based on the tail number of the aircraft. The AeroPlan is 1-3 years of warranty coverage (see attachment). 
Dealers/Shops who use the out-of-warranty repair and return; our repair station will warranty the work for a period of 90 Days; for the same failure. If the unit fails, and the reason for service is not the same as the original reason for service, our repair station will reject all request, and require you to resubmit and pay for any additional work required. 

7) I have a PFD and MFD from a Piper, can I put them (swap) in a Cirrus? 
Both units will require a software upgrade to the correct flight code. Avidyne Extended Warranty does not cover this upgrade. Consider updating the existing PFD and MFD. 

Talk to Sales for any open program(s) to minimize upgrade cost.

Radar units provide a level of complexity and might not be interchangeable. Retrieve the part number(s) and serial number(s) and call or email [email protected]

8) I need new Pitot quick disconnects.

You will need to call the aircraft manufacturer for the part number and availability. This is not an Avidyne part, and should never be sent in with the PFD. 

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