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Avidyne MLX770 - general information

MLX770 fees for Activation and coverage:

If you wish to subscribe the following will be required:
•    Activation fee is $375.00 (one time fee).

•    Then monthly recurring charges of Standard MLX Weather @ $69.99 and European Radar $79.99. 
•    Please advise previous owner name, serial # beginning with ' M', and tail number of the plane. The activation fee can be waived if the previous owner has not requested deactivation and is still current with the monthly charges.

•    Attached, please find the standard Avidyne Credit Card form for payment. 

Coverage area:

Britain & Ireland
All of western & central continental Europe except the southern half of Italy
All of Corsica, most of Sardinia
Malta & southern Sicily
Southern half of Norway & Sweden, southwestern Finland
Most of Kaliningrad enclave of Russia
Northern Lithuania
Western Latvia
Tiny bit of western Estonia
All of Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia
Tiny bit of western Belarus
Most of Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia
North half of Albania
West half of Romania
Northwest Bulgaria
Southeast Greece around Athens