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IFD Password Protected PIN Configuration

With the release of software version, we introduced a new PIN feature that now gives end users the ability to password protect their IFD Configurations.

This feature is mostly used for charter and flight clubs in which folks may share aircraft. The pin simply locks the configuration settings so that no changes can be made to the configuration tab of the IFD without the PIN.

Upon boot up into maintenance mode on a unit running, you will see the PIN page as the first page in the configuration tab in maintenance mode. No pin is required if one has not been set by the customer. You can simply move right past this page using the bottom right knob.

You will know if the IFD is currently password protected by the yellow "PASSWORD PROTECTED" verbiage that will appear at the top of every configuration page. If the IFD is password protected you will need the password from the end user to change any configurations.

If you are experiencing issues configuring the IFD and a password has been inadvertently set already, please reach out to [email protected]. We have a reset pin available to send dealers in this situation as it has become more and more common that folks are just inputting numbers here and inadvertently setting a password after a fresh software load. It is important the PIN information is shared with the customer after updating their IFD to to make them aware of this as well before handing over the aircraft/unit.

The reset pin must be requested directly from Avidyne Tech Support for distribution accountability. 

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  • 24-Aug-2020