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Dealer Article - IFD 5XX 4XX Software Update Update & Instructional Video For Loading

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IFD 5XX/4XX Software Version introduces improvements to the following in AviOS10.3.0.2:

  • Tuned frequencies are not retained across power cycles

  • Secondary standby frequency selection times out after 20 seconds, reverting back to the #1 standby
  • IFD restart may occur if RF legs are disabled, an approach is selected in the dropdown, and every enroute transition to that approach contains an RF leg
  • Devices driven by GAMA 429 (e.g. EX5000, Aspen) don’t show the visual approach extended runway centerline
  • Exit Hold button does not appear when a hold immediately precedes an arrival or approach starting at the hold fix
  • VSR is not computed when the next altitude constraint is on a leg that is part of a departure
  • IFD outputs the selected altitude label even if enroute VNAV is disabled.  In some installations, this can cause autopilot selected altitude to be overridden (e.g. TruTrak connected directly to the IFD).
  • Enroute VNAV deviations not scaled correctly for display on a G5 (see SIL 606-00192-000).
  • Direct-to entry is cancelled when using Keyboard Convenience Mode
  • Some IFDs with multi-engines enabled continue to show fuel flow / quantity in single engine format

IFD 5XX/4XX Software Version introduces improvements to the following:

(Note: Fields marked with an asterisk are customer-driven improvements/changes)


  • Add support for non-AR procedures containing RF legs *
  • Add visual approaches *
  • Add support for oceanic navigation mode
  • Add Enroute VNAV *
  • Add aural alert for waypoint passage *
  • Add ability to set OBS on IFDs without a radio
  • Add OBS selected course digital readout
  • Allow window constraints to be edited *
  • Fix virtual keyboard display when editing user waypoints
  • Allow uploading/downloading user waypoints from/to CSV file (via Mx Mode) *


  • Fixed map popups
    • Formatting for long METARs
    • Changed ETE to be a live value instead of a snapshot
    • Placement error when map is in forward view
  • Datalink
    • Change datalink CAS message from "Not Rcvd" to "Overdue"
    • Support ADS-B Icing, Lightning, Cloud Tops, Turbulence *
  • Charts
    • Center aircraft diagrams on the aircraft *
    • Add option to enable/disable charts (via Mx Mode) *
  • Certified TAWS / HTAWS
  • Support for Hi-Res terrain (requires hardware upgrade)
  • Add power line map layer
  • Modify radar display to use the Setup page distance/speed units settings


  • New Setup Page
    • Support up to 10 user profiles *
    • Allow WiFi configuration completely from flight mode
  • Com Preset List
    • Assume decimal point when setting a frequency *
    • Fix bug that allowed entry of invalid 8.33KHz channels in frequency list
  • Calculators/Timers
    • Assume decimal point when entering air data calculator baro setting *
    • Add weight calculator
    • Allow entry of negative temperature values in calculators
    • Fix trip timer to stop counting upon landing *
  • Sys page
    • Display IFD serial number on SYS page
    • Display fuel flows for each engine in a twin engine aircraft *
  • Remove AUX button coloring when advisory has been acknowledged *
  • Fix ADS-B station reception rate calculation
  • Fix checklist TOC item not being unchecked when subordinate item is edited


  • Add ability for one IFD to tune the radio of the other IFD
  • Dismiss frequency list after a period of inactivity *
  • Remove WiFi Allow/Ignore dialog on power up *


  • Add datablock to display AGL altitude from a radar altimeter
  • Support remote mount Becker BXT65xx transponder
  • Fixed IFD network so it doesn't advertise internet access *
  • Allow IFD to display data from a portable ADS-B In device *
  • Allow IFD to be an ADS-B position source for GDL-88 *
  • Improved gnd/alt transition logic for AXP322 with squat switch
  • Fix bluetooth keyboard swap key so holding it down sets 121.5 *

Maintenance Mode

  • Add ownship icon for canard aircraft *
  • Add PIN notice saying you don't actually need one
  • Fix places where PIN protected changes don't persist
  • Fix wording in bluetooth pairing instructions
  • Add various settings to support new functions (RF Legs, VNAV, Weight Calculator, Disabling Charts)


To check the current level of the IFD: 


The “Status” LSK is a multiple state LSK that provides access to software status page, weather datalink status page (if datalink is installed and properly configured), GPS status page, and the IFD databases status page.  Pushing the adjacent bezel key or touching the label soft key will cycle through the various status pages. 

Software Status Page 
The “Software” selection will present the top level software part number information and some system-level parameters which can be useful during service calls and IFD feature descriptions. 


  • 781
  • 23-Feb-2023