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Loss Of WIFI or Bluetooth

If you have lost WiFi and/or Bluetooth after an IFD Software Update, please check the tail number is still configured in your Main System Configuration page,. If not, please re-enter your tail number to include the N or C if Canada. After a power cycle, your options should repopulate. See example below:

If this does not repopulate your options, check your System Tab in the Aux Menu to verify Options Enabled in the Software Status page by toggling the Status LSK (line select key) on the bottom left of your screen . You should see the options ENET/IO and BT both highlighted in green, with white font if the options are enabled. If not, the options will appear in green font, not highlighted. See example below. 

If your Bluetooth and WIFI options here (ENET/IO and BT) are not enabled, please gather your tail number as configured in the above example, and #1 and #2 IFD serial numbers and send this information to [email protected] with subject line Options Enablement File request. Please ensure to specify which IFD is #1 and #2, as their positions matter when creating the file for you.

Our Pilot Support team will send you a file titled with the tail number as shown in your Main System Config page, to re-enable your options for you. If these options are highlighted in green and appear to be enabled, please ensure no other cellular or WIFI networks nearby are interfering with your WIFI network for best function of the WIFI and Bluetooth options. 

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  • 06-Oct-2020