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Skytrax100B to Skytrax200 field upgrade

Refer to the service bulletin (SB) for all details on updating the ST100B to the ST200; field upgrade. 

The SB, and the software, is loaded on the dealers site. 

When downloading the ST200 software, never change any of the file names (noted in the SB), download to the desktop, and not a sub-folder. 

Verify the file names were not modified by the computer after unzipping the files. These are bad file names where the PC changed the FAC file name: 

config file name 0:\AVADS-~1.FAC.
config file name 0:\AVADS-1.FAC.

required material

2 - Micro SD card; and card reader

USB to USB-C cable: SB Section 3.3

PuTTY or Hyperterminal

Always refer to the dealers site for all updates and instructions for updating the ST100B to the ST200

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