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Entegra Release 9 Info

All Avidyne R9 units should have been updated to 9.3.3 (mandatory update in 2015).

If you are troubleshooting an R9 with the software version below 9.3.3, you must work with an Avidyne Dealer to have the GPS and ACR blades, from both units sent in, for the 9.4 update.

Shops attempting to update the R9 system from an earlier-release of 9.3 (excluding 9.3.3) will experience issues (software load issues) in the upgrade process, and will need to send the GPS and ACR blades in for service. 


The R9 system needs to be at 9.3.3 SW before upgrading to 9.4.2.  SW Ver 9.3.3 is mandatory and requires the ACR-132 Computing "Blades" to be sent in for a HW upgrade.
Avidyne recommends that shops also send in the GPS-723 "Blades" for upgrades to the WAAS Receivers.  The HW Upgrades are performed at No Charge to the dealer.

R9 turn time is 15-business days.


R9 Troubleshooting is found in 600-00234-004 (R9 Quick Reference Guide - table 12) - Dealer login required to get to document.

R9 Logs are in section 4.7.2 (Field Tech logs)


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