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How to download Technicians Logs in R9 IFD's

Technician Log Download Procedure

There are two sets of logs that can be downloaded from the Release 9 IFDs. The Pilot Logs are downloaded from Maintenance Mode on the “Get Logs” tab. They contain flight information for reconstructing a flight including air data, AHRS data, GPS data, and engine data. 

The Technician Logs are downloaded from Technician Maintenance Mode and contain the same information as the Pilot Logs along with error information and internal IFD parameters useful for diagnostics.

This procedure must be done on the ground. It may take as much as an hour, depending on what download options are selected and how long the airplane has been flown since the last download or the last software update. Use of an external power source is recommended.

Required equipment: One USB Fob per IFD to be downloaded, 1GB to 8 GB (larger fobs don’t work) in FAT32 format.

NOTE: In the following procedure, line select keys are numbered from top to bottom. For example, R1 is the topmost line select key on the IFD’s right-hand bezel and L6 is the bottommost line select key on the left-hand bezel. Except as indicated, either the right end or left end of any key may be pressed.


1. After saving any data that must be retained, delete all files from each USB fob.

2. Remove power from all IFDs to be downloaded.

3. Insert a blank USB fob into each IFD to be downloaded.

4. Apply power to all IFDs to be downloaded.

5. Allow each IFD with a blank USB fob to boot directly to Maintenance Mode. On each:

a. Press and hold LSKs L1 and L3 (“Vulcan death grip”) until the page changes, about 6 seconds. A count-down timer will be displayed in the upper left hand corner after 2 seconds and count down 3…2…1.

b. A page labeled “Technician Maintenance Mode” will be displayed. Press LSK R1, labeled “Proceed”.

c. Press the right end of the SYS page function key once to reach the “Get Logs” tab.

d. Press LSK R4 once to select “Full” if you wish to download complete logs or accept the default “Since Last” to download only data recorded since the last download.

e. Ensure that all 5 logs are selected by pressing LSK R2, “Select All”.

f. Press LSK R1, “Proceed” and wait for all logs to be downloaded to the USB fob.

g. Press LSK L5, “Done” and wait for the IFDs to enter flight mode.

6. Power off the IFDs and remove the USB fobs.

NOTE: Taken together, the logs will be up to about 200 MB. (“Since Last” logs will be smaller). Compressing the logs (zipping them) will reduce the size about 10 times, down to about 20 MB.

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