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IFD-5000i R-9.4.x_Skytrax 200 ADS-B Weather Reference Interface and Advisory

IFD-5000i R-9, SkyTrax-200 Interface

When updating an IFD-5000i R-9.4.x Integrated Flight Display System, replacing the outdated MLB-700 WSI WX Satellite Receiver with a new Skytrax-200 FIS-B WX Receiver,  it is strongly suggested that the L-3 SkyWatch wiring should not be altered and the SkyWatch should be retained as the Active Traffic System.


The existing L-3 “SkyWatch” Active Traffic System should NOT be interfaced to the new SkyTrax-200 ADS-B Receiver and the “Blended” Traffic Feature NOT be utilized.


The new SkyTrax-200 should be utilized as a replacement for the outdated MLB-700 WSI Weather Data Receiver and configured as “Capstone WX ONLY”.


It is also recommended that the MLB-700 continue to be used as a XM Audio Receiver, if that feature is still active, and the audio wiring be retained.  Only the RS-232 Data Lines should be removed from the MLB-700 and re-purposed in the new SkyTrax-200 Weather Data wiring. The Aircraft Power & Ground wires may be parallel and used to power both the old MLB-700 AND SkyTrax-200. The combined current draw does not exceed the present Circuit Breaker.


In this installation, the Pilot is still able to use the Active Traffic Mode functions of Normal/Above/Below/Unlimited in addition to receiving Active Traffic Audio Alerts.

The pilot may still enjoy the existing MLB-700 XM Audio, if that feature is still active.

The Outdated WSI Weather data is now replaced by FIS-B Weather Data.


Please address any questions to [email protected].

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  • 08-May-2023