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Skytrax100B LED Light Indications

The Skytrax100B UAT Receiver has LED indicators. There is a specific behavior pattern associated with the ST100B successful power up sequence. The following sequence and descriptions can help undertand failure conditions and proper power on sequence. 

  • Startup
    • White, then off
  • Application Load
    • Blue indicates Application is starting
    • Red immediately after blue indicates initialization failure
    • Green immediately after blue (even if it later changes to red half a second later) indicates initialization success
  • Application Self-Test
    • The application continuously runs a self-test about  will cycle between Green, Red and Orange(Yellow) depending on the Self-test state:
    • Green:
      • All is well
    • Red:
      • GPS Unavailable
      • HW failure
    • Orange( Yellow):
      • Ownship velocity invalid/unavailable
      • Ownship ICAO address not set
      • Pressure Alt unavailable

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  • 27-Aug-2019