VHF DSP APP Not Conforming during and above.

During the update process to and above some instances occur where the VHF DSP APP will populate as non-conforming. 

If you experience this please contact Avidyne Tech Support for guidance on this issue. 

Functionality of the Radio is not affected but will display Non-Conforming Software in the Info-Software Page. 

The Part Number and Revision Values for the VHF DSP must be visually verified to confirm conformity with the software update.

For IFD5XX/4XX S/W versions & the values are:

P/N: 510-00316-000   |  REV: 05 

This can only be remedied by sending the IFD into Avidyne for Repair. 

This will cause all subsequent software updates to flag the VHF DSP App as non-conforming. 

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  • 06-Feb-2020