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Important PFD Configurations Record before sending in for RMA

If you are planning on sending in an EXP5000 PFD for repair or exchange through the RMA process. The following configurations are the most significant to record. 

First you must enter the PFD Configuration Menus by pressing the L1 and L3 Bezel keys and holding until the counter drops to zero. 

Once in the Configuration pages, record the aircraft model:

This model will set the ASI Configuration fields accordingly. 

Using the bottom left knob, turn clockwise to select the "Avionics" Tab.

Once in the avionics tab, record the avionics configurations to ensure that the configurations can be restored when the repaired unit arrives. 

As always when removing the PFD take additional care with the Pitot/ Static Lines as they are quick disconnects. 

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  • 04-Apr-2019