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PFD Engine Data Block - dashed

Aircraft installed with an SIU (Sensor Interface Unit) should not have an engine data block on the PFD. 
If you see the Engine Data Block and it is dashed out the PFD is configured incorrectly.

An avionics shop will be needed to update the configuration of the PFD. 

1) Hold down L1 and L3 to enter into In Maintenance Mode; If the Engine DAU is set to Moritz DAU, and this is an SIU installed Aircraft, you will see the engine data dashed out.

2) Use the knobs at the bottom of the PFD to move to the Avionics tab

3) Use the L3 (Next Selection) key to get to the Engine DAU 1

4) Use the left knob and select the correct option: SIU = Not Installed.

5) Press the L4 button (Back to PFD)

6) Power Cycle the PFD and check the Engine perimeters are now gone.

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  • 07-Feb-2020