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IFD Displays "Configuration Error- IFD Requires Service " After Software Update

It has been reported on rare occasions that this CAS message appears in Flight Mode after performing a software upgrade:

IFDs may show all indications of a successful software update; no red or dashed checksums, all previous configurations in maintenance mode are present, etc. However, this error may still present itself.

To clear this error, the technician performing the upgrade must load the GoldMaster utility included with the software update package.

1. Ensure the "RUNONCE" file is NOT present on the USB drive.

2. Insert the USB stick into the USB port of the IFD.

3. Power up the device into Maintenance mode.

4. Make sure Maintenance mode is on the "Update" tab. If necessary, press the left side of the AUX key until the "Update" tab is selected.

5. Using the lower right knob to highlight (twist) and select (push) “Create Gold Master Cflash”.


Select only the item identified as "Create Gold Master Cflash". Selecting any other item may result in damage to the system software and require a return to Avidyne for repair.

• Verify a green check mark appears after “Create Gold Master Cflash” and no other items have the green check mark after them.

• Press Proceed. Screen blackouts and rebooting is normal, and should reboot directly into maintenance mode

After reboot, the IFD can then be powered down via the avionics or aircraft master switch. Remove the USB stick and restore power. If the load was successful, this CAS message will not reappear in flight mode.

If running the GoldMaster file still does not clear the error, contact Tech Support.

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  • 27-Jan-2022